Application To Join The AdultsCraft Network



Step 1: “The Fine Print”

By submitting your application you are agreeing to the following.

  • You agree to abide by the AdultsCraft Server & Discord Rules. (Available for review here.)
  • You agree to remain an active member until the end of your season. On average seasons can be expected to last 10 – 14 months. You are expected to plan your time accordingly and remain active until the end at which point you could choose to apply for the next season or not.
    • You do not have to play every day but disappearing for weeks at a time without letting us know you will be gone is not being active!
    • We do understand that schedules change and life happens, if you are going to be less active for a given period we just ask that you let us know. We can always work with our members but if we don’t know that something is going on we have no choice but to presume you have lost interest in being a community and server member and you will be removed.
  • Our servers are merely an extension of our Discord community, as such by continuing you are agreeing to remain an active part of both the server and the Discord community until the end of your season.
  • As with any group of people from time to time issues may arise or something may happen that you disagree with. Should this happen you are requested not to address it publicly but to bring it to staff attention immediately. We will happily address any concern but if we don’t know about it we can’t do anything about it. Dealing with it personally and/publicly may only further the complications and tension.
  • From time to time the Adults Play Network is contacted to participate in beta testing of resource/behavior packs, mods, worlds, etc. As a member of the network you are not required to participate in these tests but by completing your application you are agreeing not to disclose any information, images, or video about these tests without clear consent. This includes any projects being worked on by the AdultsCraft development team prior to release.
  • We play Minecraft and as we all know Minecraft has a tendancy to contain a few bugs here and there. While we understand these issues can be difficult to work with they are completely out of our control. When bugs strike and affect our servers we do everything we can to minimize those effects but we don’t just stop operating the servers because of a bug and we don’t expect you to stop playing just because of a bug. Any bugs or other issues beyond the control of our Network will not justify lack of activity or nullify your commitment to the season.
  • We are a positive Network and any public negativity towards our Network, our servers, or fellow members will be grounds for immediate removal from AdultsCraft.
  • The people behind the AdultsCraft Network work very hard at trying to build a positive working relationship with Mojang Studios. We do not condone nor will we accept our members publicly bashing, complaining about, or harassing Mojang Studios or any of it’s employees. If you want to provide constructive criticism there are appropriate outlets for that. If you want to be mean and hateful this is not the place for you.
  • The AdultsCraft Network is by application only and we are so glad that you showed your interest but things do change. If for any reason you decide you no longer want to participate or be a member of our network please just let us know. We will happily wish you the best with no hard feelings. 

We reserve the right to suspend, remove, or permanently ban any member who violates the rules and regulations set forth or when deemed in the best interest of the server or community.

Agree and Continue