Java Mods & Add-Ons



16 Colored Sea Lantern & 31 Colored Glowstone based on the 16 default colors of Minecraft.

Requires Fabric & Fabric API

ACLights v 1.0 (Minecraft v1.16.4)

ACLights v 1.7 (Minecraft v1.17.1)



An assortment of new decorative blocks to use in your builds. Pack includes Flint & Polished Flint Blocks, Polished Lapis Block, Black Nether Brick, Black & White Marble Blocks, 16 colors of Dyed Stone Blocks, 16 colors of Dyed Oak Planks, Bamboo Planks, Aged & Faded Birch Planks, Redwood Planks, Blackwood Planks, and 12 varieties of Rotten Log & Plank Blocks.

Requires Fabric & Fabric API

ACBlocks v 1.0 (Minecraft v1.16.4)

ACBlocks v 1.7 (Minecraft v1.17.1)