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Almost Daily Streamer and a very organized unorganized Minecraft Player


Hello! My name is Jo and I am representing BigSharkGaming on the Adult Plays Bedrock server. Big Shark is made up of my brother, Jay, My wife, Kelly, and myself. We started out as a news and reviews blog and became content creators almost 2 years ago. As far as Minecraft goes, I’m an adventurer. I am easily distracted by fun new things to discover, however I do usually have very ambitious bases. I do dabble in redstone, and I have come a long way since I started, but I’d definitely say I’m far from an expert. My true passion is terraforming and landscaping. I have a knack for building terrain that is natural and feels like it has always been there.

I do usually use a more medieval or gothic build style, but I have built in many other styles — particularly futuristic. I do love making mini-games and shops, too! But I’m very bad at talking about myself!