The APBedrock Server – Season 2

Launch Date: August 8th, 2020

Seed #: 1823229669

Spawn: -9250  -2400


Season 2 promises to be even bigger and better than the first with all new changes and additions for our members to discover, enjoy, and create with. Our Dev-Team has been working hard on some new ideas and custom packs for this season. New recipes, new blocks, and even a few new friends have been added and have quickly become the favorites of the Season for many of members!


Black Dye From Coal
Brick Block From Clay 
Red Sand
Red Sandstone
Red Sandstone Smooth
Rotten Flesh To Leather
Uncraft Brick Block
Uncraft Nether Wart Block
Uncraft Quartz Block
Uncraft Blue Ice
Uncraft Packed Ice

Sea Lanterns in 16 Colors
Glowstone in 16 Colors
Glowstone v2 in 15 Colors
Flint Block
Flint Block Polished
Lapis Block Polished
Black Planks
Faded Planks
Redwood Planks
White Planks
MC Stone
Black Nether Brick
Rotten Logs & Planks 6 varieties each
Mud Block

Anti-Enderman Grief
Double Shulker Shells
Directional Hoppers (Direction visible from top)
Directional Observers (Direction displayed on sides)
Visible Sticky Pistons (More visible slime pattern on sides)

2 New Regular Chicken Variations ( 3 total )
3 New Regular Cow Variations ( 4 total )
2 New Regular Pig Variations ( 3 total )


Nether Chicken
Quartz Chicken
Muddy Pig
Wooly Cow
Glow Squid