The Origin:

For generations people of the lands have heard tales of a mystical & powerful being known as Master Chicken. For centuries children grew up hearing the stories of how he courageously saved the lands and dedicated his life to looking after those that reside in the Overworld. With Master Chicken keeping his watchful eye on the lands peace remained as the years quickly passed by. As the memories and stories of the great battles began to fade the children started believing these tales to be mere fairy tales and stories their parents used to get them to behave or follow the rules.

One day a young and curious dweller decided to go out exploring and in their haste they found themselves lost in an unknown land. Unable to find her way she thought all hope was lost when she came upon a strange glowing book resting upon a table placed in the beach. As the young lost dweller started to read the book she learned of the true origin of Master Chicken and the sacrifices he has endured to ensure the peace they have all come to know and love. Reminiscent of the tales she had heard as a young child she believed this book to be nothing more than an enjoyable story. As she continued to read she felt drawn to the pages and entrapped in the stories they contained. Unable to pull herself away from the mysterious book she started reading of more recent times and even events in her life. She found herself wondering, was the book really talking about her?

Now questioning the origin and creator of this book she still found herself drawn to continue reading and the pages seemed to magically turn themselves when suddenly the stories began to turn. Page after page warned of dangerous times ahead for the inhabitants of the land. Chaos and destruction was sure to penetrate the calm and peaceful ways they have always known.

The warning spoke of a time when Master Chicken would need the help of a select group of warriors to save the lands. A time would come when these warriors would be the final hope between good and evil. These warriors would be drawn together by a mysterious force to form new lands as they work together and learn from each other while preparing for this great battle. As she neared the end it was foretold that a day would come when these future warriors would unkowingly come together on a mysterious beach.

“A day will come when a young and seemingly lost soul will come upon this warning. As the day ends and our future warrior fears being lost and alone in a dark and strange place they will suddenly find they are not alone for out of the shadows an army will rise. A time will come when this army of warriors will realize their true power when working together and they alone will be responsible for the fate of the world.”

Suddenly realizing she had been reading into the night our young lost dweller found herself scared of this dark & strange new place. Suddenly she heard sounds in the distance and as she looked around she saw the faint light of torches coming from multiple directions.

She couldn’t help but wonder to herself, “The beach… The book… Could it really be?” … … …


The History:

When we started our first server (APMinecraft) the spawn area only contained one small building which we called the Chicken Shack. The Chicken Shack offered free food for all of the members and was the central place for members to meet up or share resources. Just outside of the Chicken Shack was a small chicken statue.

One night not long after we started while everyone was online having a great time, one of our younger members was visiting the chicken shack. After a while as she left the shack she stopped outside to visit the chicken statue and thank him for the gift of food she had just received. After saying her thanks as she stood there in the moonlight she bowed to little chicken and exclaimed, “All Hail The Chicken!” All of the members quickly and excitedly jumped on board and soon the chat was filled with cheers for our little chicken. 

Little did she know that her short & simple statement would ultimately make such a large and lasting impact on our young and growing Network. That night our humble little chicken went from a mere statue to the mascot of our first server and it wasn’t long before “Master Chicken” became the public face of APMinecraft. As we expanded our Network and added new servers our members votedunanimously to make Master Chicken the Official Mascot of the AdultsCraft Network!

Like our Network, Master Chicken has grown and matured since the beginning. It wasn’t long before our original logo was graced with a much needed suit of armor, sword, & a custom shield representing the three existing servers at that time.

As we progressed through our first year and the first season of our servers Master Chicken found himself entangled in a storyline that involved him getting “chicken-napped” and held hostage. Before his rescue by our members our Network celebrated it’s first anniversary and was preparing to start season 2 for our servers. All of these facts combined made it the perfect time to allow Master Chicken to further evolve into a more grown up mascot for our intensely popular and growing network.

Always ready for battle Master Chicken is here to stay as the leader of AdultsCraft and protectar over the lands and members that inhabit them!